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SAT Calendar of Events

SAT events are wonderful opportunities for profound absorption in Self-Knowledge to experience the deepest happiness, freedom, and peace.

The SAT Temple is open only during the events listed below.

Please note: Due to covid-19, no prasadam or beverages (including water) will be served at the events for now. Devotees, if they wish, can bring their own food including utensils, napkins, and beverages on Sunday's.

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  2. Boundless Wisdom

Boundless Wisdom

SAT Temple 1834 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz

The focus of the Boundless Wisdom events is to delve deeply into the Knowledge expounded in Advaita Vedanta texts by sages such as Ribhu and Adi Sankara. These texts reveal the same Truth as that found in the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. The verses or passages are read aloud, commentary is offered, and dialogues usually follow. Thereby, the original meaning is presented, and the full extent of its significance is explained, which yields a thorough, experiential comprehension.