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Deep appreciation and gratitude are expressed here to the following artists and composers of the songs for inspiring the devotees to sing these at the SAT Temple:

  1. “Amba Bhavani Sharade”,  Devi Bhajans album of Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swami
  2.  “Arunagirisha Ramanesha”, “Namo Namo Ramana”, and “Jaya Jaya Ramanesha”,  from the albums, Ramana Namavali, and Jaya Jaya Ramanesha, of Ramana Maharshi Centre of Learning (RMCL), Bangalore
  3.  “Bhajo Madhura Hari Naam”,  from the album, “Vanamali”, of Chinmaya Mission.
  4.  “Guru Matr Pita”,  from the album “Prartana”,  by Chitra Roy,  Art of Living Foundation
  5.  “Guru Om”,  from the album, “Antar Anand”, sung by Sanjay Sharada
  6.  “Jaya Bhagavan”,  from the album, “Live on Earth”, sung by Krishna Das
  7.  “Jaya Radha Madhava”,   from the album of Bhagavan Das.
  8.  “Om Guru Om Guru”,  from the album, “Prema Mudita”, of Chinmaya Mission.
  9.  “Radhe Radhe Govinda”,  from the album of Kuldeep Pai.
  10. “Sheetala Charanam”,  from the album, “Satsang Bhajans”, by O. S. Arun
  11.  “Siva Om Siva Om”,  from the album, “Siva Om Hara Om: Artist – Unnikrishnan, Lyrics – D. V. Ramani”.