Satsang Recordings

Self-Knowledge is to be realized silently within. Yet, its expression in the verbal guidance of sages who have realized the Truth-within is invaluable for anyone interested in experiencing it for him or herself. Traditionally, access to teachings of this deep Self-Knowledge has either been through the written or spoken word, if one were fortunate enough to be present at a moment when such wisdom was expressed. Now these opportunities are greatly increased, for you can imbide such spiritual instruction regarding Self-Knowledge and the practice of Self-Inquiry – the very same as taught by Ramana Maharshi – as often as you like through the video and audio recordings offered here.

In satsangs and other spiritual events at SAT with Nome, Nondual Truth is revealed with utmost clarity. The constant emphasis is Self-Knowledge, the teachings being consistently of Self-Realization and Self-inquiry. The spiritual instruction is given in the identical spirit and in the same manner as did Sri Ramana Maharshi. The satsangs are filled with these teachings and periods of profound silence, all of which are included in these recordings.

For spiritual beings desirous of the Realization of pure Nondual Truth, the recordings presented here are of tremendous value. They are revelations of highest Knowledge presented in a way that is permeated by the spiritual love of a sage, full of peace and joy, in a way that is helpful to all intent upon realizing within themselves the Truth of the Self, the Nondual Absolute.

All recordings are available as MP3 downloads. You can also listen/watch from the “Your Recordings” page that appears in the menu bar.