Gatha of Sant Tukaram: Translation by D. A. Ghaisas

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The Poetry of Sant Tukaram in English Prose

English translation of the abhangas (devotional poems) of Sant Tukaram. The book contains translation of around 4200 abhangas.  Sant Tukaram’s abhangas are expression of pure thoughts of devotion. They also contain practical observations of life and the way of life of the saints.

A verse from the book:

1132. In this verse Sant Tukaram says – “We have to face whatever comes along to our lot. One day we have to fetch water, and the other day we have a pleasant sleep on a soft bed. As the time presents us anything, we have to accept it. Sometimes we get rich food, and sometimes we have to be satisfied with dry bread. Sometimes we get a good carriage, and sometimes we have to walk bare foot. Sometimes we have the pleasure of rich clothes to wear, but sometimes we have to wear torn ones. Sometimes we are very rich, and sometimes we become very poor. Sometimes we get the company of saints, but at times we have to face evil persons. But the man who is having Self-knowledge remains in a balanced state of mind in both the conditions.

First Edition, 2019, Pages 928, Hardbound

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