Ever Yours in Truth, Nome

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By Nome

Covering a time span of 40 years, Ever Yours in Truth is a spiritual treasure in the form of personal correspondence between Nome and spiritual seekers asking questions on how to apply the practice of Self-Inquiry in their lives.

The correspondence covers a variety of topics ranging from overcoming tendencies of the mind such as desire, attachment, anger, depression etc., relationships, marriage problems, diet, ill-health, and death to love for God, happiness, service, devotion, Self-inquiry, and having deep profound meditation.

Each letter is singularly focused on Self-Knowledge and inspires the reader to put Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Self-inquiry instruction into practice to abide in the Knowledge of the Self and thus dwell in peace and happiness always.

First Edition, 2015, Pages 518, Paperback
ISBN: 9780981940960

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