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These writings, by Nome, are an offering to Lord Siva, to Sadguru Ramana, and to all sages of the lineage of Advaita Vedanta.  Upon reading this little book, the reader immediately will recognize that he or she is reading writings of both a devotional nature and writings expressive of jnana—Knowledge. This is Parabhakti—supreme devotion.

The first part of this book is in seven chapters. The reader will note subtle differences among the chapters. The first and second chapters describe bhakti (devotion), while the third chapter describes the experience of the bhakta (devotee). The fourth chapter takes the bhakta deeper into jnana through the relationship with the Guru, while the fifth chapter speaks of continuous, absorbing devotion to God and Guru. The sixth describes the practice of the bhakta and the spiritual activities and attitudes with which a bhakta infuses his or her life, and the seventh describes absorption, through bhakti, in jnana.

The second part of this book is in six chapters consisting of a collection of poetry.

Chapter I, Namah Sivaya, presents short verses praising Lord Siva, while simultaneously expressing Knowledge of the Lord.

Chapter II, In Praise of the One Like Space, is a poem that is descriptive of Absolute Being and praising that Absolute.

Chapter III, Realize the One Like Space, is composed of verses that pose questions that, if asked, guide the bhakta to realize the One like space.

Chapter IV, Space of Grace, is a set of verses descriptive of the One like space—a description of Grace.

Chapter V, Within the One Like Space, features verses describing the experience of the space that is the One Absolute.

Chapter VI, Gracious Inquiry, appears as both a solicitation for Grace and also Knowledge of the ever-presence of Grace through inquiry.

If a person practices pure, ego-less jnana, bhakti is unavoidable. On the other hand, if a person practices pure, ego-less bhakti, jnana is surely inevitable. The glorious, lofty heights of devotion and Knowledge are expressed here in this little book, and the sages assure us that the identical experience is available to all. It is sincerely hoped that the reader experiences the vastness of parabhakti while deeply meditating on these writings and remains absorbed therein.

To abide unmoving, without giving rise to illusion,
free of attachment to the transient unreality,
desireless and fearless,
absorbed by the power of devotion that gives birth to Knowledge,
in That, as That, is bhakti.

~ from the book Parabhakti

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