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By Nome

The book deals with nondual Self-Knowledge and shows the means of practicing Self-inquiry which leads one to the extinguishment of all misidentification and to the revelation of Reality – Consciousness Absolute. The book is intended for sincere aspirants of Self-Knowledge whose sole intent is the pursuit of Liberation. The teachings are thoroughly instructive and are written from actual experience of the Absolute. The method of inquiry and the Realization presented here are identical to that of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Each sentence or paragraph should be read and meditated upon as many times as needed to completely understand the experience being conveyed, and the practice of inquiry taught should be practiced methodically until final Realization.

The first section of the book contains verses divided by spiritual theme. The second section deals with Self-Realization and Self-inquiry. The final sections deal with a great number of spiritual topics in the light of nondual Self-Knowledge, inclusive of brief talks given by Nome and dialogues with many spiritual aspirants that occurred in the satsangs transcribed.

The path of Self-Knowledge is a joyful one. The teachings contained in the book will provide the light for Self-illumination.

First edition 2003, Pages 481+xvi, Paperback
ISBN: 9780974226613

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