The Four Requisites for Realization and Self-Inquiry

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By Nome

This booklet contains an explanation of aspects of traditional Vedanta practice in the light of nondual Self-Knowledge and Self-inquiry.

The four requisites are: discrimination, detachment, the six essentials, and the desire for Liberation. The six essentials are peacefulness, self-control, renunciation or nondependence, endurance or fortitude, faith or conviction, and profound, concentrated, formless meditation. The original significance of them and the actual experience of them for those on the path of Knowledge are far-reaching.

These requisites for Realization are to be understood, meditated upon, and practiced within the context of Nonduality for the purpose of Self-Realization. They can also be practiced, at least to a certain extent, by those who have as yet to ascertain that Nonduality is Truth, that Realization consists of Self-Knowledge, and that the means, which is Self-inquiry, must be in accord with or of the same nature as the end, that is, Self-Realization. Here, an understanding of this on the part of the aspirant is assumed and the four requisites for Realization are taught with special relevance to Self-inquiry, the introspective determination of the true nature of one’s own Self, which is the Absolute Self.

First edition 2003, Pages 32, Paperback
ISBN: 9780970366764


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Introduction to Four Requisites for Realization and Self-Inquiry

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