A Pilgrimage in South India in 1845: Tiruvannamalai; by Francoise Boudignon

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The South Indian town of Tiruvannamalai, in recent times associated with the great sage Ramana Maharshi, has, for more than a thousand years, been a major pilgrimage centre for devotees of Lord Siva. Its major festival, occurring between mid-November and mid-December, attracts hundreds of thousands of devotees. In this charming and beautifully-illustrated account, Fran├žoise Boudignon, the author, describes the main components of the festival along with the beliefs that underlie them. The story unfolds through the eyes of a family of peasants who journey from their village to attend the ten-day event. A wide spectrum of Hindu customs, practices and beliefs unfold as the family explores the wonders and the traditions of their ancient culture.

2016, Pages 64, Hardcover

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