Arunachala Ramana – Eternal Ocean of Grace (Seven Volumes)

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Paperback, 7 Volumes

This exquisite publication of set of 7 books by Sri Ramanasramam contains the sublime story of our Sadguru, Bhagavan Ramana, and His teaching. It is the most comprehensive book on the life and teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. It combines the contents of biography, collected works, experiences of devotees, reminiscences, and extensive portions of dialogues from books such as “Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi”, “Letters from Ramanasramam”, “Day by day with Bhagavan”, “Guru Vachaka Kovai”, and other books. It also includes a set of 108 articles selected from Call Divine and the Mountain Path by devotees detailing their unique personal experience.

This seven volume set is a treasure trove of wisdom for spiritual seekers.

Please note: This set of books comes in a cardboard case. The case may have dents in it due to transportation from India. But the books are not affected.

Excerpt from the the 1st edition of this set can be read in the following Reflections:

January to March 2014 (Page 30)

April to June 2014 (Page 25),

July to September 2014 (Page 16),

October to December 2014 (Page 20),

January to March 2015 (Page 39)

April to June 2015 (Page 29)

July to September 2015 (Page 35)

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