Hiranyabahu (The Golden Hand): Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Sanskrit Handwritings with Sypnosis in English

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Compilation of Sanskrit texts written by Bhagavan in his own handwriting. English translation is not present except for the text Arunachala Pancaratna Vartikam (Commentary on Arunachala Pancharatran)

This compilation is divided into two parts. Part one contains mainly the the Glory of Aruṇācala from ancient purāṇas such as Skanda – Mahā Purāṇam and the Upa-Purāṇam, Śiva Mahā Purāṇam, Śiva Bhakta Vilāsam etc. Part two contains Bhagavān’s and others’ Sanskrit compositions apart from many collection of His handwriting.

The book contains many gems like Arunachala Pancaratna Vartikam (Commentary on Arunachala Pancharatran) of Lakshmana Sarma with Bhagavan’s  addition to make it into 108 verses. For this text, the English and Tamil equivalents in Bhagavan’s handwriting are also presented. Texts like Siva Jnana Bodham, selections from Yoga Vasishta are also present.

First Edition, 2018, Paperback, Pages xii + 673

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