Illustrated Stories – Daily Life Incidents of Bhagavan Ramana: by A. R. Natarajan

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By A. R. Natarajan

Incidents in the daily life of Ramana are a practical demonstration of love of one who is intoxicated with the bliss of abidance in the natural state. Thirty four incidents from his daily life have been selected.

Some of the story titles are:

  • Apology to the Hornets,
  • Ramana’s concern for Devotees
  • Dosais
  • Rags
  • The Power of Silence
  • Handful of Rice
  • Maja Puja Feast
  • Ornamental Box and Beating a Snake
  • Befriending an Old Farmer
  • Jackie the Dog
  • Valli the Deer
  • The Brute and Man Alike
  • Compassion Towards All
  • Mason’s Luck – The New Hall Construction
  • Early Birds – Kitchen Backdoor, Lakshmi
  • In the Kitchen and the Dining Hall
  • Does Happiness Consist in Eating Only?
  • Maharshi’s treatment of Monkeys
  • Peacocks
  • Sealed Entry for Animals
  • Plucking of Flowers
  • Universal Brotherhoold
  • Equality is the Word
  • The True Nature of Pradakshina
  • Answerable to Donors
  • Can a cracked Egg be hatched?
  • Crows, Squirrels and Animal Shrines
  • Helper of the Helpless
  • Work Time, Pradakshina Time
  • Identification with All Life
  • His Grace – Skandasrama

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