In the Service of Sri Bhagavan: Niranjanananda Swami & T. N. Venkataraman (Swami Ramanananda)

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Revised Second Edition, September 2023, Paperback, Pages 83

Contains the accounts of the lives of Niranjanananda Swami and Swami Ramanananda (T. N. Venkataraman) who selflessly served from the inception of Sri Ramanasramam to build, maintain, preserve, and cause to flourish this most sacred place.

Smt. Mangalam, the grand daughter of Niranjanananda Swami, has written the story of Niranjanananda Swami, and the story of Swami Ramanananda is in his own words.

From the preface:
How they effaced themselves totally in that service! It was an effacement which ennobled them, which made them worthy of their Master, for did he not often say, “Fame consists in effacing oneself”?

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