Sanskrit Parayana at Sri Ramanasramam: Sanskrit Verses with English Transliteration


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This book incorporates the Sanskrit verses, along with the English transliteration, of spiritual instruction and other hymns which are regularly chanted at Sri Bhagavan Ramana’s Samadhi shrine at Sri Ramanasramam. These comprise the entire Sanskrit works forming part of the Sunday morning Parayana, the forty verses of ‘Sri Ramana Chatvarimsat’ chanted during the daily milk offering in the morning, and the ‘Upadesa Sarah’ chanted at the end of the eveneing Vedaparayana, and lastly, the ‘Na Karmana’ mantra chanted at the end of the Vedaparayana morning and evening.

The book does not have the English translation of the verses.

The text included are: Muktakatrayam, Saddarsanam, Sukti Sudha, Sri Gitasarah, Sri Arunachala Mahatmyam, Sri Dakshinamurti Stotram, Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam, Upadesa Sarah, Sri Ramanacatvarimsat, Na Karmana

First Edition, 2017, Pages 90, paperback

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