Sri Ramana Dhyanam: A Lad’s Prayer to Sri Ramana: by N. N. Rajan

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A set of 23 verses in English and Tamil offering salutations to Sri Ramana and relating Sri Ramana’s inspiring story.

First Edition, 2009, Pages 68, Paperback, Pocket Edition

Verse 2: I offer my salutations to that Self-Effulgent Ramana, the unblemished one who, while young, when overcome by fear of death one day, inquired inwardly about death without informing anyone, acting the scene of death for himself; came to the infallible conclusion that “That which is called ‘I’ ‘I’ is not this insentient body, but it is the Supreme Self or Atman, which is beyond birth and death”; and attained supreme realization, while yet he was in his teens, without the aid of any earthly master and thus became the universal master.

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