The Direct Path

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Translation by A. R. Natarajan

(Contains Upadesa Saram [Essence of the Teaching] and Sat-Darshanam [Forty Verseson Reality])

Two essential works of the Sri Ramana Maharshi literature in one concise book. Upadesa Saram is a 30 verse text viewing the entire scope of spiritual practice in ascending order, with emphasis upon nondual Self-Knowledge and Self-inquiry. Sat-Darshanam is forty verses expounding the nondual Truth of the Self, each verse being profound, pithy, and enlightening. The Upadesa Saram is printed in Sanskrit (Devanagari), English transliteration of the Sanskrit and English translation. The Sat-Darshanam contains the Sanskrit text and English translation.

6th Edition 2002, Pages 52 + xi, Paperback

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