The Path of Sri Ramana (Part One) – Sri Sadhu Om


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The Path of Sri Ramana (Part One)
(With a brief life history of Sri Ramana and an English translation of Sri Ramana’s work Nan Yar?)
by Sri Sadhu Om

Contains description of the path of Sri Ramana by Sadhu Om

The chapter titles in the book are:

  1. Brief Life History of Sri Ramana
  2. Eternal Happiness is the Goal
  3. What is Happiness?
  4. Self-Enquiry is the Only Way to Happiness
  5. Who Am I?
  6. The Enquiry ‘Who Am I?’ and the Four Yogas
  7. ‘Who Am I?’ is not Soham Bhavana
  8. Self-Enquiry
  9. The Technique of Self-Enquiry

Appendix One has English translation of the following poems of Sri Sadhu Om:

  1. Eleven Verses on Self-Enquiry
  2. Who is Jnani?
  3. Doubt the Doubter
  4. Japa

Appendix Two has an English translation of  Sri Ramana’s text Nan Yar? (Who Am I?)

Second Edition (reprint), 2020, Paperback, Pages xxi + 226

Published by: Sri Sadhu Om Jnana Kudil

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