Prabodhasudhakara: The Nectar-Ocean of Enlightenment

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By Adi Sankaracarya, Translated by Samvid

This book contains the original text in Sanskrit with translation and notes by Samvid. It consists of 257 verses divided into 19 sections, and they present a lucid exposition of the Vedanta and the way leading to the realization of Ultimate Reality.

The 19 sections are as follows:

  1. The Body
  2. The Objects of the Senses
  3. The Mind
  4. The Restraint of the Senses
  5. The Restraint of the Mind
  6. Dispassionateness
  7. The Self
  8. Maya
  9. The Subtle and Causal Bodies
  10. Non-Duality
  11. Doership and Enjoyership
  12. Self-Luminosity
  13. Contemplation on the Subtle Sound
  14. Absorption of the Mind
  15. Enlightenment
  16. Devotion in Two Ways
  17. The Manner of Meditation
  18. The Oneness of God With and Without Attributes
  19. Divine Grace

Reprint 2022, Pages xi+94, Paperback

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