The Song of Ribhu Audiobook, Chapter 1 to 11 – MP3 Download



The timeless scripture of nondual Truth known as The Song of Ribhu is the instruction given by the sage Ribhu to his disciple Nidagha set in the midst of the epic Sivarahasya. This MP3 download contains the first eleven chapters of the Song of Ribhu as translated from Tamil into English by Dr. H. Ramamoorthy and Nome and published by the Society of Abidance in Truth in the year 2000. This set is the first recording in English of this sacred scripture. The verses are spoken in English clearly and slowly accompanied by soft vina music.

Listen, reflect, and meditate within—these precious verses are
certain to plunge one into the depths of the Self.

  • MP3 download
  • Reading in English by Nome accompanied by soft vina music by Zia Mohiuddin Dagar (Rudra vina, Raga Yaman)
  • Rudra vina music taken from: NI 5276 Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, Courtesy of Nimbus Records
  • Total time: 7:40:52

Thanks to Claire Long of Wyastone Estate Limited for her kind assistance in arranging for the permission to use the vina music.

Running time:

  • Chapter 1: 1:13:42; Chapter 2: 46:59; Chapter 3: 37:00; Chapter 4: 44:02; Chapter 5: 35:50; Chapter 6: 35:02; Chapter 7: 36:36; Chapter 8: 31:18; Chapter 9: 30:19; Chapter 10: 37:47; Chapter 11: 52:17
  • Total Time: 7:40:52

This recording was made using simple equipment in the SAT Temple. Some listeners may notice audible imperfections, but that will not distract you from your plunge into the Self as you listen and meditate.

ISBN: 9780981940915