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The Light of Wisdom

The Light of Wisdom

The Light of Wisdom

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The Light of Wisdom

A  Commentary on Selected Verses from
Sri Ramana Maharshi’s
Supplement of the Forty Verses on Reality


Five Verses on the One Self
(Ekatma Panchakam)

by Nome

The English verses are as they appear in the 1974 fourth edition of The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi published by Sri Ramanasramam.

The verses and the commentary dispel the illusion of being a bodily form, reveal the unreality of the ego, and help find peace that is changeless, happiness that is perfectly full, and freedom without the least trace of bondage or limitation.

Earlier, SAT published an English translation with commentary of the Sanskrit version of the Forty Verses on Reality called Saddarsanam, and An Inquiry Into the Revelation of Truth and Oneself. The commentary was derived from transcripts of spiritual instruction imparted at the SAT Temple.

This present book is also derived from transcripts of the spiritual instruction expounded at the SAT Temple during retreats in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2017. Of the verses selected, some were composed by Sri Ramana, and some were composed by other sages, such as Adi Sankaracarya and Vasishtha.

Reading and meditating with this text will dispel the darkness and gloom of delusion and reveal the egoless real state.

ISBN: 978-1947154193

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