Dasboadh of Samarth Ramdas: Translated by Diwakar Ghaisas

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Translated by Diwakar Ghaisas

This is a complete English translation of Samarth Ramdas’s Dasboadh. It contains instructions on devotion and Self-Knowledge for the purpose of Self-Realization.

Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj says the following regarding Dasboadh in the book “MasterĀ of Self-Realization“:
The book Dasbodh was written with the sole purpose that devotees should realize God Almighty. In the dialogue of the Guru and disciple, the most essential teaching is given there. Dasbodh gives us the knowledge of what we are, what our real nature is. It explains the state of detachment, and who the only real God is. It tells what the jiva or individual is, and what Shiva, or God, is. It shows the way to Brahman, and finally to one’s own “True Nature” (Swaroopa). The book also contains instructions on how a fool can become wise, and the nature of illusion, and how it arises. The original beginning of Maya is told there, and it is explained that Maya is our imagination. All doubts on the path are cleared in that great book. If you really wish to know what is taught there in that book, it is better to go through the text yourself.

Fifth Edition, 2018, Pages XVIII+509, Hardbound

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