Saints of Maharashtra

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By Savitribai Khanolkar

Inspiring stories of the saints of Maharashtra such as Sant Jnaneshwar, Sant Namadev, Sant Janabai, Sant Eknath, Sant Tukaram, Sant Ramadasa, Sawata Mali, Chokhamela, Narhari Sonar, Gora Kumnbar, Raka Kumbhar, Santaji Pawar, Sena Nhavi, Bhanudas, Kanhopatra, Sant Janajasawanta, Jagamitra Naga, Latib Shah and Shaikh Mohammad, Niloba and other disciples of Tukaram.

From the introduction:
I feel the very name “Saints of Maharashtra” epitomizes in one short sentence the grandeur — depth — infinite bliss and perfection of such souls that rarely bless our planet, even singly, but who literally flooded Maharashtra together and at the same time.

What is unique is that all of them without exception fulfilled all the requirements of sainthood — absolute faith and dependence on God and complete absence of egotism, greed, and lust so that their very lives were thoughout examples of humility, universal love, and devotion.

3rd Edition, 2000, Pages x+179, Paperback

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