Ribhu Gitai (Tamil Ribhu Gita)

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Tamil rendering of Ribhu Gita performed by Bhiksu Sastrigal, also known as Ulaganatha Swamigal.

From the introduction of the book, The Song of Ribhu, a complete English translation of this book:

The Tamil Ribhu Gita is a rendering in that language of chapters four through forty-seven of part VI of the Sivarahasya, which is an epic composed in the language of Sanskrit.

The Ribhu Gita is an exposition of Advaita (Nonduality) by the Sage Ribhu to Nidagha and other sages and is set in the midst of the epic Sivarahasya. The appearance of Ribhu Gita in Sivarahasya was compared to the appearance of Bhagavad Gita set in the midst of the great epic Mahabharata by the late Pontiff of the Sankara Math of Kanchipuram in South India, Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati.

This Tamil translation is simple in style, being in the form of the Tamil viruttam verse, consisting of an octet of lines, and extends through 44 chapters into 1,924 verses. The verses cascade in sonorous cadence ideal for recitation, capturing the contents of the original Sanskrit of the Sivarahasyam chapterwise while the verses are thoughtfully arranged to bring out the sequence of the Knowledge expounded.

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