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Essence of Enquiry 

A Commentary by Nome



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Published in the Spring of 2005 by Ramana Maharshi Center For Learning Bangalore, India, "Essence of Enquiry" (Vichara Sangraham) contains the earliest recording of the original teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, accompanied by a detailed commentary by Nome. This book chronicles the profound dialogues from 1900 to 1902 between Ramana and an ardent seeker of truth, Gambhiram Seshiar. Through Nome's deeply devotional and illuminating commentary, Self-Enquiry - the heart of Ramana's teaching - becomes brilliantly clear and accessible.


Pages 223, Paperback


Excerpts from the book:

From the Introduction: "One who approaches this sacred scripture with deep devotion and a sincere desire to realize the Self, and who, blessed by His Grace, practices in accordance with the wisdom herein elucidated, will doubtlessly realize the sole-existent Self, the nondual Brahman, and abide as That, of the nature of undifferentiated Being-Consciousness-Bliss."


From the forward by A.R. Natarajan, president of Ramana Maharshi Center For Learning: "To write a commentary on the sacred words of Ramana one has to be constantly perceptive of this ever-flowing grace. It is evident that Master Nome has this perception. The humility with which he has approached this holy work is found in his beginning each commentary with the all powerful twelve word mantra on Ramana "Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya". He closes each commentary with "Ramanarpanamastu - may this be an offering to Ramana". And what worthy offering it is. With his own experience of the natural state, Nome is able to explain the true import of Ramana's word with utmost clarity and depth.