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One Self

One Self

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One Self is a compilation of satsangs with Nome. The Satsangs are focused on Self-Knowledge. In satsang, doubts are resolved, questions are answered, the Truth is revealed, and the way to realize is shown.


The Satsangs are from May 4, 2003 to January 29, 2012. The satsangs have a discourse on the nature of the One Self and instruction on how to practice Sri Ramana’s Self-Inquiry. Each discourse is followed by questions raised by devotees regarding their own practices and Nome’s response.


Reading the book slowly while verifying what is written within will cause the removal of the misidentification with the body, mind, an ego entity or individual, and reveal the egoless real state, or real Self, the One without a second.


First Edition, 2015, Paperback, Pages 656
ISBN-13: 978-0981940977


~ One Self is now also being printed and distributed in India through, and