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Origin of Spiritual Instruction

Origin of Spiritual Instruction

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The teachings contained in this book are the profound revelations of the Truth of the Self and how to realize it from Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. The book is the original version of the English translation of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s “Upadesa Manjari,” which was long out of print. SAT has republished it in its entirety in the form of this book. The actual text is considerably different in expression and the details of the teachings from the more commonly known version of this work published as “Spiritual Instruction.” Includes all of the original notes and explanations.

First Edition 2006

Second Printing, 2012, p.44 paper

ISBN: 9780970366733

~ Origin of Spiritual Instruction is now also being printed and distributed in India through, and

Excerpt from the book:
Introduction and part of the first chapter “Upadesa or Spiritual Instruction”