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The True Definition of One's Own Self




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by Adi Sankara

Translated by Dr. H. Ramamoorthy and Nome


This English translation from the original Sanskrit by Adi Sankara is a very clear, aphoristic explanation of what the Self is and the Knowledge that reveals it. Each verse is presented in its original Sanskrit (Devanagari) form, a transliteration into English letters, word-for-word translation, and fluent, running translation. The word-for-word translation also gives alternative meanings for many phrases in the verses. Sankara’s teachings in this volume are very reminiscent of the Maharshi’s, and are a penetrating and glorious revelation of what is one’s own True Self.


First Edition, 2002, Pages 158 + xxiii, Hard cover with dust jacket


Excerpt from the book: Svatmanirupanam Introduction