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The Quintessence Of True Being

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by Nome

This publication embodies the sum total of  Advaita Vedanta as expressed by Sri Adi Sankaracarya in The Rows of  Garlands of Brahman Knowledge, Verse 20, line 1:

Brahman is the Truth, the universe is  false,
The jiva (individual self) is Brahman, indeed, not another.

The quintessence of the teachings regarding the Realization of  Truth as revealed in Advaita Vedanta is concisely expressed in this half verse.

Nome has taken up this half verse in this small 60-page booklet  igniting its core essence, kindling the flame of Knowledge in the heart of those endowed with deep inquiry, discrimination, nonattachment, an ardent desire  for Realization, and divine love for all beings.

Sri Ramana's Inquiry, Adi Shankara's Reasoning, Ribhu's Knowledge, Dakshinamurti's Silence, The Advaita Experience: The Quintessence of True Being.

First Edition, 2011, Pages 60, Paperback
ISBN: 9780981940946

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