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Timeless Presence

Timeless Presence

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by Nome

Presented in this booklet is an expression of Bhagavan Ramana’s Grace appearing in a life. It is an expression of an inner journey, a glimpse, as it were, into the nondual aspiration of a seeker, the dissolution of falsely assumed individuality, and the intrinsic essence of a jnani—into the essence of Bhagavan Ramana’s Timeless Presence.

The composition was penned at the request of President of Sri Ramanasramam who asked the author to write an autobiographical sketch about “how he came to Sri Bhagavan”, and it appeared in the 1996 souvenir book published by Sri Ramanasramam for the centenary commemoration of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s arrival at Arunachala.

The booklet will convey to the reader the unequivocal eternal power of the Absolute—Sri Ramana’s Presence—as well as extol the infinite love and complete devotion to such.


Excerpt from the book: Timeless Presence Foreword