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Sri Ribhu Rishinatha with Sri Nidagha

Sri Ribhu Darshanam

Sri Ribhu Rishinatha with Sri Nidagha



Friday, May 14, 2021

7:30PM – 9:30PM


The essence of all the worlds, the essence of all Vedanta, the essence of equanimous Guru, the essence of the meaning of all the Vedas,

the essence of all the worlds, the essence of Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, the essence of the victory of equanimity –

this is ever the essence of Liberation, the Liberation from all births, the liberation that is ever the Fourth State,

the easiest Liberation of all, the Liberation from all domains, the Liberation without objects, the Liberation that dries up all the wealth.

This is the complete liberation attained by just listening and reflection.


Hearing thus all the teaching disclosed to Nidagha, Suka and the other great ones attained the Supreme Brahman.

Ribhu, conveying this description of the Knowledge of Siva, addressed Nidagha thus, in the midst of the assembled sages.

They, too, pleased on hearing this essence of the words of the Veda-s, prostrated and spoke thus in great joy.



You are the father, the mother, the Guru, the friend, and the well-wisher.

You lead us across the ocean of ignorance to the shore. You are the refuge.

Leading us by your power, you make us happy by the words of Siva, which mean, “By the strength of my words alone is the attainment of Supreme Way easy of access.”

~ Ribhu Gita, Chapter 44, Verses 15-19