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Skanda Shasti

Tuesday, November 9, 2021
7:30PM - 9:30PM


Perched on a peacock,
The secret of the mahavakyas (the great aphorisms, the sublime sentences of the Vedas),
Mind-enchanting his mein (mind-enchanting body),
The minds of the great his abode,
The God of gods of the earth,
In the bhava (state) visualized in the Great Vedas,
The son of Mahadeva,
The suzerain of the world, I worship.

~ Verse from Subrahmanya Bhujangam, from the book Advaita Devatam


Subrahmanya Skanda, the form of heroic wisdom that manifests as valiant Self-inquiry in those who intensely pursue the Realization of Brahman.

In his upper right hand, he holds the traditional representation of his vel, or Sakti (spear), symbol of the power of jñana, spiritual knowledge, and the same all-conquering power of knowledge, in a more explicit depiction, is nestled in his arms.

His lower right hand displays the gesture of fearlessness, abhaya mudra, for true knowledge destroys illusory duality, the cause of fear, and thus grants freedom and peace.

His upper left hand holds a vajra, the thunderbolt, displaying the immense, illuminative power of this wisdom,

And his lower left hand is in the pose indicating firmness and steadiness.

His peacock, said in Skanda Purana to dance to the sound of thunder and to be a natural enemy of snakes,

May be understood to be the experience that accords with this wisdom and destroys the passions of ignorance.

For more details concerning Subrahmanya, see Advaita Devatam.  

~ Reflections January, February, March 2017