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Sri Rama Navami

(Lord Rama’s Jayanti)

2018 Sri Rama Navami


Tuesday, April 20, 2021
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM


To Hanuman, who had approached  Rama and Sita for instruction, Sita said:

Know Rama to be the Supreme Brahman, Truth, Consciousnesss and Bliss, without a second, free from all superimpositions, being itself beyond conception, happy, pure, calm, free from defect, devoid of
faults, pervading all, the Self of all, self-illumined and above error.

Know me to be the primeval prakriti, the creator, preserver and destroyer. By mere proximity to Him, do I ever watchfully create all this.

From proximity to Him what is created by me is superimposed upon Him by the ignorant. . . .

Rama never moves, nor stand, nor grieves, nor wishes for anything, nor renounces, nor does anything. The embodiment of bliss, unmoved, unchangeable, He appears to be following the attributes of maya.


~ Adhyatma Ramayana ( From page 19 of Reflections April, May, June 2018)