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2020 Sri Ramana's Arrival at Arunachala

2020 Sri Ramana’s Arrival at Arunachala Audio Recording

2020 Sri Ramana's Arrival  at Arunachala

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Deep appreciation and gratitude are expressed here to the following artists and composers of the songs for inspiring the devotees to sing these at the SAT Temple:

  • Arunagirisha Ramanesha, Album: Ramananjali, RMCL Bangalore
  • Sri Ramana Anthem, composed by Nochur Sri Venkataraman
  • Sacharachara Para Purnam, Album: Sattva – The Essence of Being, Artist: Manish Vyas, Track name: Shivoham


~ Complete collection of songs sung at the SAT Temple is available in the Nama Sankirtanam page