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Ever Yours in Truth, Nome



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Covering a time span of 40 years, Ever Yours in Truth is a spiritual treasure in the form of personal correspondence between Nome and other sages and seekers sharing their experience. With few exceptions, almost all of the correspondence presented was written in response to letters written to Nome. Included with the early correspondence are a few verses composed at the time, but for whom they were written and in what context cannot now be ascertained. The correspondence has been generally presented as written by the various writers to better retain the feeling of the original with only some minor editing to delete comments pertaining to some practical matters and to render some of the messages received more intelligible. Some of the correspondence is a sharing of and reveling in Brahman-Knowledge, while some is correspondence with Nome in which seekers pose various questions regarding their practice of Self-Inquiry and how to apply this practice to their lives.


First Edition, 2015, Paperback, Pages 518
ISBN: 9780981940960